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Secure what belongs to you!

We are able to provide that peace of mind that everyone cherishes by making sure your home, office or industrial unit is secure while you are away. We are able to carry out free risk assessments and provide you with the best possible solution to secure your premises.

Here at Circle FM we pride ourselves in creating that feeling everyone craves, the knowledge that what is yours is safe and secure. Whether you require barriers for an industrial estate, fully integrated alarm systems for your office or home or temporary alarms for a work in progress we can provide you with a cost efficient solution.

Do you have property that is empty or are you awaiting planning permission? During this time your property is at it’s most vulnerable from squatters, metal thieves and illegal party organisers. Let us secure what belongs to you with any or a combination of the following:

We can provide expert advice and recommendation for your site or property and give you a risk assessment and assignment instructions tailor made to your requirements.

Want more than that? Ok, we can provide a response service that will not cost you anywhere near what it will cost to have police respond to your alarm. We can provide video footage from any alarm activation as evidence for insurers, police and the courts.

Access control issues? We can provide a bespoke system linked to you office or home to be able to have complete control of who enters and exits your premises. The system can tell you when and who has entered your building and can be built and installed to suit whatever needs you may have using the latest technology.

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